VAT Returns

VAT can be a complex matter, and the implications of handling the issue incorrectly can have severe consequences from HMRC for your business .

Our first step is assisting your business with VAT would be to fully understand the nature of your business and its transactions, together with the nature and type of your customers and suppliers. We would then be able to advise on-

  • Whether compulsory or voluntary registration would be applicable or advisable
  • The type of VAT scheme most suited
  • The filing of EC sales lists where there are purchases from, or sales to, EC countries
  • The treatment of pre-commencement expenditure
  • Property transactions
  • What expenditure can be claimed for VAT purposes
  • The different rates, and classification, of VAT that exist

This service, including the filing of VAT returns if required, would be billed at £25 ph

Self Assessment Tax Returns

As a business owner, Director, or somebody receiving income from property, you will more than likely have to fill in an annual self assessment tax return. The penalties for missing deadlines or putting in incorrect information on a tax return form can be costly.

We can prepare both individual or partnership returns. In addition, you have the option to nominate us as your tax agent to deal directly with HMRC on your behalf, and we will ensure you are aware of the timescales involved in you giving us your data to be processed in time to meet HMRC deadlines.

This service would be billed at £75 for a standard return.

Any additional pages required, such as property, self employment, or foreign income, would need to be billed separately, the cost of which would need to be agreed depending on the complexity and workload involved.

Taxation Advice

It is vital to have professional tax advice and planning in order to minimise tax liabilities. As professional tax advisors we are able to assist with taxation issues including:

  • Property income
  • Capital gains tax
  • CIS scheme
  • Inheritance tax planning

This service would be billed at £40 ph

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