Human Resources / Personnel

Employing somebody in your business is a big responsibility, and it is vital for your protection, and that of your staff, that you have correct and fair HR procedures to handle all aspects of employment law.

Some of the services we offer include:-

  • Help with drawing up job contracts
  • Advice on disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • The implementation of staff reviews, objective setting, and performance management
  • Advice on Health and Safety issues
  • Advice on recruiting procedures and documentation

Our costs would be based on an agreed fixed fee basis.

Company Secretarial Services

Directors of Limited Companies are responsible for the correct filing of documents at Companies House.

We can assist with:

  • Filing annual returns/confirmation statements
  • Filing for changes of Directors, Shareholders, and Registered Office
  • Filing for changes with the structure, number, and value of shares

This service would be billed at £25 ph

Investment & Pension options

We are not FCA regulated to provide “advice”, and nor do we want to be, as it would not be in our interest to charge clients a huge amount of money and guide them towards products for which the product advisor pays a commission to the “advisor”!

Instead, we provide information. We can review your pensions and investments, in order to tell you what you have, and what your options are. We are not aligned with any product providers. We provide objective information, objective options, and provide the implications of any choice you make.

This service would be billed at £40 ph

Professional Trustees & Executors

When a Will is prepared, it is usual for your spouse or life partner, for whom you want to be the main beneficiary of the estate, to be your Executor and/or your Trustee. You can also elect to have a professional act as your Executor/Trustee. We are able to act as a “first line” Executor, or as a “reserve” Executor in order to provide cover for the first named Executor.

Unlike most solicitors, banks and probate companies, we would act on a fixed fee basis, which would be discussed and agreed before the Will is written.

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