Business Setup

Starting a new business requires forms to be completed, and the appropriate authorities notified.

We can help with-

  • Filling in the appropriate forms to confirm with HMRC your business has started
  • Registration of the business for VAT purposes if needed (including a free VAT review)
  • Registration of the business with HMRC as an employer or if using subcontractors
  • Notifying HMRC of the need to complete a self assessment return
  • Notifying HMRC of the need to complete a corporation tax return

This service would be billed at £30 ph

Business Advisors

Businesses sometimes want more than just accounts and compliance work, and look for strategic advice and business planning. With a huge amount of experience in the financial sector, and having dealt with numerous clients and business owners over the years, we are able to offer advisory services which will help add value to your business.

Our aim is always to build a close working relationship with our clients, and for us to know our clients as people. Equally, it is important for our clients to feel confidant and have trust in us, and to see that we are rounded individuals, and not just “number crunchers”.

Contact us for a no obligation and free consultation if this aspect of our service proposition is of interest to you.

Business Plans

Business plans are an important tool for your business. They are the “founding charter” that determines the shape and direction of your business, and clarify its objectives.

After hearing you describe your business and its objectives, we will write and present your business plan.

A Business plan is very useful for, and sometimes a requirement of, lenders and investors.

Our costs would be based on an agreed fixed fee basis.

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