Company Year End Accounts

We will prepare the company year end accounts, and accompanying Corporation tax return, and file them with Companies House and HMRC.

As part of this service, we would discuss with you the results prior to submission, and to ensure the effective and correct treatment of capital allowances, depreciation, expenses and applicable tax allowances.

Our costs would be based on an agreed fixed fee basis.

Management Accounts

The aim of management accounts is to summarize your business’s performance over a set period of time, normally monthly or quarterly. This will give you the tools necessary for you to know how the business is performing, and to take the appropriate action when required.

The following are included as standard –

  • Profit and loss accounts with comparison to budget and the previous period
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Performance reports
  • Wage and salary information
  • Budgets and projections


Having an efficient and well managed bookkeeping system will increase the potential of your business, with an accurate and up to date picture of its performance. This will allow you to make better decisions, provide up to date financial information to investors, banks or creditors, and will help facilitate decisions within the business.

The following are included as standard-

  • The processing of sales and purchase invoices
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Able to work from your office or ours

Credit Control

Often one of your biggest assets is the sales ledger. In order to avoid bad debts and the subsequent impact on your cash flow, it is important that customers are credit checked from the outset, given appropriate payment terms, and pay to terms.

We offer-

  • The implementation of effective credit control systems and procedures that will collect your outstanding debts whilst not jeopardising the relationships you have with your customers. Or, if you would prefer us to collect the debts on your behalf, we would be glad to assist
  • Advice on payment terms, and with the wording for your customer terms and conditions
  • A credit report service which will enable you to check the credit worthiness and suitability of new, and existing, suppliers and customers
  • Help with debt recovery in the event of customer liquidation, bankruptcy, or ceasing to trade

This service would be billed at £20.00 ph


Some clients prefer to do their own bookkeeping, but need advice on which system to use, help with setting up, and training. We can also provide ongoing support if required, or provide cover in times of absence of your bookkeeping staff.

In addition, we are happy to train you or your staff on credit control procedures, customer and supplier assessment for credit worthiness, together with business documentation, including terms and conditions of sale.

This service would be billed at £20 ph.

Forecasts and Budgets

Projections, forecasts and budgets set the course for your business, and enable you to track your progress. It is vital for you to have up to date and meaningful financial information as to how your business is performing, in order for you to take the appropriate action when necessary.

We can prepare financial and cash flow forecasts, together with budget reports, these are also useful for, and sometimes a requirement of, lenders and investors

This service would be billed at £25 ph.


If your business employs somebody, you will need a payroll system in order to accurately pay them, and to deduct the correct amount of tax and national insurance contributions. With RTI, and auto-enrolment, it is vital that the information sent to HMRC is correct in order to avoid penalties and fines. We can advise on, and implement payroll systems, HMRC Employer Registration, and help with auto-enrolment

We can administer weekly or monthly payroll and we will provide you with payslips, P45s, and end of year P60s and submit your monthly payroll information to HMRC.

This service would be billed at £25 ph

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